Vantage - Increase Evaluated Pricing Transparency
Fair Value Measurement - Support FASB ASC Topic 820, IASB IFRS 13, and the audit process with graphic displays, reports, and workflow tools.Collateral Valuation - Utilize independent evaluations, trade and market data within collateral valuation and securities lending operations.Best Execution - Perform trade analysis and FINRA 5310 or MSRB G-43 compliance.

VantageSM is a Web application that increases transparency and provides workflow tools to improve operational efficiency and support pricing, trade execution and compliance functions. Vantage unifies in-depth market information and sophisticated workflow tools for global corporate, sovereign and structured securities and US municipal bonds.

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Interactive Data Wins Award for Best Evaluated Prices Services Provider

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Download the Interactive Data Due Diligence Considerations
Download the Interactive Data Due Diligence Considerations
Download the ASC Topic 820 Review Checklist
 Download the ASC Topic 820 Review Checklist
Ignites Q&A: Top Valuation Challenges for Mutual Funds
Whitepaper: IFRS13 and the Use of Independent Evaluations
Webcast Replay: IFRS 13 – What is it and what do I need to know?
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