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Alerts Alerts
Designed to provide prompt visual notification when market activity meets an alert's user-defined criteria, including the ability to set alerts on numerous fields such as news (by service, symbol and keyword), quote (including by dividend yield), as well as a number of ways to monitor alerts.

Other features Market-Q alerts are designed to provide include the ability to:

  • Set a high and low limit on a symbol
  • Easily acknowledge, reactivate, edit or dismiss single or multiple alerts
  • Color code triggered alerts in the Watch List to easily differentiate high, low and news alerts
  • Easily track all alert activity in the Alert Log, including the ability to:
    • View the symbol, the field the alert is set on, high or low setting, the value that triggered the alert, the date and time of the alert and a description and user-entered comment
    • Sort
    • Print or export
    • Store locally
BATS Trading participates in the composite trading of U.S. -listed securities. Market-Q clients can access BATS Level 1 trading data in a standalone environment to isolate trades and quotes from the BATS exchange. Familiar symbols are used, with the addition of a unique BATS Trading extension (-BT).

Listings on the BATS exchange are now also visible in Market-Q.
Block Trades
A display designed to show the number of trades in a certain size range and their aggregate volume; filtering with up / down tick, trade type and new high / low indicators
Canadian Content Canadian Content
Canadian market information available with Market-Q is designed to include a broad offering of research, fundamentals, options pricing, Canadian treasuries and market depth, as well as news important to the Canadian markets, including:

    Exchanges - A broad offering of exchange data, including:

    • TSX
    • TSX Venture
    • Alpha Trading Systems
    • Canadian National Stock Exchange (CNSX)
    • Combined TSX and ATS - Level I
      • TSX Book
      • Consolidated Data Feed

    Canadian Hot Lists - More than 75 pre-set scans on the Canadian markets

    Index Constituents - Represents the companies that make up the major indices in the Canadian markets

    Broker IDs - Post-trade buy and sell broker IDs

    Dividend Data - Dividend data for Canadian stocks, including announcement, ex-dividend, record and pay date

    CanDeal Canadian Treasuries - Including the Benchmark Canadian Treasuries, provincial and corporate bonds

    News - Canadian news services, including TSX / CP Equities News and the Public Companies Canada feed from COMTEX, as well as news services offering Canadian news, such as Dow Jones, Real-Time Traders News, Market News Publishing and Stockwatch

    Language option - English and French available

    Symbol Preference - Designed to provide automatic symbol extensions that permit easy symbol entry

    Net House - A native window designed to provide trade statistic values for securities traded on Canadian markets, including Buy / Sell volume, value and average by broker ID; users can view calculated values for trades or block trades over preset or custom time periods

    Waterfall Time & Sales - A native window that enables users to create a Time & Sales view for multiple symbols or a Watch List, in order to watch the trade movement of a specific list of stocks. The trades will be displayed in reverse-chronological order for all symbols being monitored as time and sales information is received from the exchanges.

charting Charting
Interactive charts designed to be delivered in a dynamic chart viewer with a full range of features

Charting details, designed to include:

  • Streaming, real-time data; ticks from the exchanges continuously fed directly into the chart, providing a dynamic display
  • More than 40 technical studies, all with user-changeable study parameters
  • Easy creation of chartable expressions
  • Overlays of studies on contracts
  • Date Range feature that takes you right to the exact time range on a chart
  • Ability to view multiple studies on different panes within the chart window
  • User-changeable symbol and study colors
  • Ability to draw trendlines on charts, including Gann Fan, Fibonacci Fan, Fibonacci Retracement, Fibonacci Extension and Speed Resistance Arc
  • Choice of data intervals: tick, intraday, daily, weekly or monthly
  • Chart Data Table with a find feature that allows you to search within the table using your search criteria
  • Optional display of a Crosshair or Data Bar, with a dynamic, movable Data Table that shows you the precise information for that point on the chart
  • Chart types, including Bar, Line, Candlestick, Area
  • Compression, expansion and movement of the chart time series using the mouse to drag and drop
  • The ability to save all modifications to a chart when you exit the application, including trendlines, study parameters, window placement and size, allowing you to recall a chart exactly as you left when you re-access the application
  • Symbol Overlays with price and percentage scale
  • Study overlays
  • Logarithmic Scale
  • Dividends, earnings, stock splits, 52 week highs and 52 week lows on charts
  • "Print Image" feature, including chart scale formatting
Commodities Coverage Commodities Coverage
Commodities coverage designed to include:

    Futures options contracts viewable side-by-side, including the ability to search by entering the underlying symbol (root or contract), expiration date, strike range, plus Greeks

    Futures auto-list - Easy insertion of multiple futures contracts directly into the Watch List; also auto-listing for all contracts for a given futures root by using <ROOT> symbol in a Watch List

    Native weather maps with full Market-Q functionality for commodities traders - Multiple maps, covering areas all over the globe, including U.S. Agriculture, U.S. Energy, Europe Energy and World Coffee Crop; includes animated radar maps

    CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX and NYSE Liffe Futures Market Depth - The best bid / ask quotes in real time

    Strip Calculator Window - A native Strip Calculator Window designed to support a streaming matrix of futures strips for a given commodity

    Quote Grid - A native Quote Grid Window designed to provide an additional layout for commodity pricing
Corporate Actions and Reorganizations
Designed to provide full coverage from Interactive Data on U.S. corporate events affecting securities
Customizable Account Management
Designed to provide full individual permissioning down to the end user with vendor-of-record services and customized billing and administrative reports by user, by office or by region, including usage, as well as the ability to manage user accounts and entitlements through an easy-to-access web interface
Customizable Pages Customizable Pages
A flexible environment designed for maintaining up to 20 pages, each with as many different window components as necessary (especially important for multi-monitor setups), as well as several preset pages and shared symbol lists uniquely designed for the financial investment professional with easy drag-and-drop from one window to another or within a window; pages can also easily be printed, as well as shared with colleagues; history for each session is automatically saved for future retrieval
Data Export
Designed to provide the ability to take price information from the application and analyze or manipulate it using your own calculations in another application and in multiple formats, including Microsoft Excel, XML and comma-delimited format
Data from the World's Exchanges across All Asset Classes Data from the World's Exchanges across All Asset Classes
125+ worldwide exchanges on all instruments, including 100+ indices (including NASDAQ OMX Global Index constituents), plus stocks, futures, minis, options, OTC Markets (formerly Pink Sheets), Forex rates, fixed income and market depth; exchange preferencing feature that makes entering symbols easier

Access a complete list of exchanges for Market-Q.

Delayed Data Delayed Data
Support for delayed data, as well as comingled real-time and delayed data
Detailed Quotes Detailed Quotes
Designed to provide powerful variations of performance values, such as price returns, total returns, volume averages, short interest and dividends paid for periods, including the last 52 weeks, YTD, QTD, and MTD, calculated daily by Interactive Data's Pricing and Reference Data group
Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) and RealTimeData (RTD)
The ability to export data to an Excel spreadsheet, where it updates continuously; RTD can be used for more advanced spreadsheet operations, such as cell referencing; the RTD component also comes with an Excel toolbar to aid in easily creating streaming spreadsheets and retrieving historical quote data
Enterprise Server Enterprise Server
Designed to allow users to host servers onsite to further reduce bandwidth for remote and central offices; benefits including private connectivity, availability of all server and data types (including history and market depth), data consolidation and mitigation, directed UDP broadcast; ability to run in a Citrix environment

ETF, Mutual Fund and Fixed Income Data ETF, Mutual Fund and Market Rates Data
Profiles of U.S. and Canadian ETFs and mutual funds in English and French, as well as key rates such as U.S. treasuries, Canadian benchmarks bills and bonds, fed funds, deposits, government repos, spot rates and more; ETF and mutual fund profile information that includes an overview, the inception date, performance information, the net asset value and closing price, distributors and information on the composition of the ETF or mutual fund
Full workstation and componentized (HTML) Solutions Full Workstation and Componentized (HTML) Solutions
A complete workstation with all modules included or your choice of individual components, using the quote, chart, time and sales, options chain or market depth window embedded in a browser or a third party Java application
Fundamental Data Fundamental Data
A Fundamentals window that features a company profile, ratios, estimates, earnings, ratings and ownership (including ownership data for individual and institutional stockholders) and financial statement pages from one source, Capital IQ, for both U.S. and Canadian markets, designed to make the data consistent throughout the workstation; access to U.S. and Canadian fundamental data in one area of the desktop and easy-to-print pages that are integrated into Market-Q and easy to save as PDFs for emailing to clients; a tree-style menu for the fundamental data section that offers quick access to the desired page, as well as ability to switch from one page to another and add the most frequently used pages to a list of favorites with instant content caching
GovPX Service
Real-time information on On-the-Run U.S. Treasuries
GTIS Forex GTIS Forex
Spot rates for 100+ currencies from nearly 200 global bank and broker contributions (Asia / Pacific Rim, Russia, Europe and North America), as well as precious metals, Cross rates, Forward rates; Forex window displays cross rates in an easily readable format
Hot Keys
Customizable keys designed to allow quick, easy access to commonly used features
Hot Lists Hot Lists
100+ preset scans on North American equities and indices; market movers in several categories re-ranked at 30-second intervals, including NYSE, NASDAQ, NYSE MKT LLC (fka AMEX), TSX and TSX Venture; display in own window or in a Watch List for monitoring in real time; also offering a complete data field library and auto-refresh
Interactive Data Fixed Income Service Interactive Data Fixed Income Service
Reference and basic terms and conditions information, as well as the latest and historical evaluations for fixed income data, including coverage of U.S. and Canadian Corporate and Government Bonds, CDs, Municipal Bonds, CMO / Asset-Backed Securities and Mortgage-Backed Securities
Market Depth Order Book Market Depth Order Book
The best bid / ask quotes in real time from electronic communication networks, such as NYSE Open Book and NASDAQ TotalView, TSX, CME and CBOT, as well as market depth data for NYMEX, COMEX and NYSE Liffe Futures, and regional exchanges (U.S. equities and options)
Market Insights Stats
A section within the Fundamentals module that supplies a wide range of index and commodities benchmark data for futures and various regions of the world, including North America, Latin America, Asia, Australia, Europe, Nordic and the Middle East.
Market-Q RTD SDK
The Market-Q RTD SDK is an API designed to allow clients to develop their own application quickly and easily. With the aid of this interface, third party applications can exchange data with the Market-Q application and leverage the real-time and historical data even making it possible to link symbols across applications.
Market-Q Widgets Market-Q Widgets
Windows from the Market-Q product that can be individually placed on a company's website to display market data; a broad range of out-of-the-box, thin-client widgets available, such as charts, detailed quotes, Forex, headline ticker, hot lists, news and Watch Lists; a secure single sign-on environment and Vendor-of-Record services also available so that companies can focus on their business, with data use accounted for on their behalf with the exchanges
Market Scanners Market Stats Engine
Useful statistic symbols, such as the TRIN, TICK, Advancing, Declining, Total Volume and Up / Down Issues, and even more, including more than 350 symbols, across 5 different markets, such as NYSE Volume at Bid, DJ Stocks Volume at Ask and NASDAQ Bid / Ask Support / Resistance, designed to provide a comprehensive set of tools to assist in identifying market direction; critical market statistics, such as the number of stocks hitting new daily highs or yearly highs or the percentage of stocks above their Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP)
Mobile Quotes, Charts and News Mobile Quotes, Charts and News
QuoTrek, an affordable add-on service to Market-Q designed to provide mobile quotes, charts and news via almost any handheld device, so users can stay connected to the markets when they're away from the office; ability to seamlessly share Watch Lists between the users' terminals and the QuoTrek device; no need to enter the symbols into the mobile device

Find out more about QuoTrek.
Real-time quote and trade data from the NASDAQ trading system on NASDAQ, NYSE and NYSE MKT LLC (fka AMEX) listed securities; designed to be provided at a reduced rate over traditional exchange subscriptions and designed to offer professional users with a cost-effective way of receiving the best bid, offer, associated size and last sale from the U.S. equity exchanges as provided from the NASDAQ trading system in two pricing packages: NASDAQ Basic for NASDAQ stocks and NASDAQ Basic for NYSE and NYSE MKT LLC (fka AMEX)

News News
News services, including Dow Jones and Dow Jones Commodities, COMTEX, RealTime Traders Pro, plus ability to display news for all active symbols in the page and to query directly using the DJ News Category Code, as well as a display capability for up to 500 headlines and more

Quote Ticker Quote Ticker
Designed as a fully interactive, streaming quote ticker with ability to customize scrolling speed and display settings

Research Research
Designed for quick access to integrated company research:
  • Corporate Reference, including Corporate Actions and Reorganization
  • Market Insights and Stats, including Dow Jones NewsPlus and Dow Jones Economic News, Earnings and IPO Calendars
  • U.S. Regulatory Filings

Stock Options Stock Options
A dynamic display of the underlying options and options by expiration

Specific features of the options data available with Market-Q include:

  • Display options based on key filters
    • Expiration Date
    • Strike Price
    • Strike Range: In the Money, Near the Money and Out of the Money
  • The Greeks
  • The Black Scholes Model
  • Display Controls: Underlying Option, Put /Call Headings
  • Update Mode: Static or Dynamic
  • Display of standard and non-standard options with description
  • Ability to drag and drop an options symbol into another window
Symbol Search Symbol Search
A utility designed to retrieve information about equities, bonds, financial and futures markets, commodities and options; symbol searching designed to be quick and easy, featuring a so-called "type ahead" capability that anticipates what the user will type after an initial letter or letters and that provides one of the most likely choices instead of requiring the user to type the entire symbol; relevant results by basing them on market cap and other factors, increasing the chances that the desired symbol is at the top of the list without the need for further refining of the search; advanced search for instruments based on a selected type
Time & sales Time & Sales
Stock trades as they happen viewed as dynamic time and sales or dynamic time and sales with quotes; Time & Sales features include:
  • A Long View mode that displays bids and asks within the same line
  • Buyer and seller IDs that are displayed for the Toronto Stock Exchange
  • Corrections, Insertions and Deletions in the Conditions field
  • Filtering on block trades with up / down tick, trade type and new high / low indicators
  • Time Range filter, allowing for input of seconds, minutes and hours
Total Return Calculator Total Return Calculator
New "Value and Performance" view in the Watch List window allows entered position information for a security to be used to calculate total returns over time for each security held and for the entire symbol list. This calculation includes the option to calculate dividends as reinvested or held within a fixed rate account.
  • Manage positions with entry and exit points
  • Reinvested dividend calculation
  • Dividend payments to configurable fixed rate account
  • Automatic IRS Mean Pricing
  • In-line edit capabilities allowing faster entry
A VWAP Level I data field for domestic equities that can be added to the Quote, Summary and Detail windows, as well as to the Level I areas of other windows that allow this feature

Under the Tools menu, a VWAP calculator designed to allow the user to get a VWAP value when certain dates / times are specified and to which size filters can be applied to include or exclude trades of a given size to estimate where certain trading groups are putting their money into the market
Watch List Watch List
A window (also known as Market Monitor) designed to be used to create and access multiple symbol lists and to display them as a single list (Watch List), as multiple lists (Summary) or to track gains and losses (Portfolio)

Features included in the Watch Lists offered in Market-Q are:

  • Sorting by highlighted symbols
  • Ability to insert Sector / Industry Lists
  • Ability to add Hot Lists
  • Expanded and compressed symbol groups
  • Access to related indicative value (.IV) and net asset value (.NV) ETF symbols from the Watch List
  • Auto-listing:
    • Futures contracts
    • Indices
    • Regional exchange quotes
  • Quote alerts, including by Trade Size
  • Managing position, performance and valuations
Waterfall Time & Sales
A native window that enables users to create a Time & Sales view for multiple symbols or a Watch List, in order to watch the trade movement of a specific list of stocks. The trades will be displayed in reverse-chronological order for all symbols being monitored as time and sales information is received from the exchanges.