QLink (RTD), DDE and Data Export QLink (RTD), DDE and Data Export
QLink is an RTD add-on service that makes it quick and simple to download real-time, streaming data into your Excel worksheets. You can then perform further analysis suited to your market and your strategies for trading that market.

You get these great benefits of QLink (enhanced DDE):
  • Fast and easy RTD data integration
  • Historical and bar data that allows tracking and deep analysis of price action over time
  • Ability to supply your Excel-based portfolios with eSignal's reliable data and monitor real-time, streaming trades and quotes
  • An easy-to-use toolbar that ties all of QLink's components together in a clean, intuitive, user-friendly way and with all report request types a single click away

eSignal Pro data can also be easily exported to an Excel spreadsheet using Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE). With advanced charting, you can also output EFS formulas to DDE. The data within the spreadsheet remains linked to the formula while you analyze the data, using the spreadsheet's capabilities.