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Content Scope and Technical Platform

Interactive Data develops customized financial information systems that can allow each customer to select from a wide range of data providers and various different content streams. The information can be delivered via Internet connection or leased line into hosted or deployed solutions and also to mobile devices.

  • Asset classes covered include securities, funds, retail derivatives, options and futures, and fixed income
  • Global exchange data, including essential derivative exchanges
  • Index suppliers , including MSCI, FTSE, S&P, DJ Indices
  • Over 30 news providers, including Dow Jones, DPA-AFX, APA, AWP, PR Newswire, BusinessWire, Hugin, and Midnight Trader
  • Company profiles from S&P and other global providers
  • Estimates and forecasts by FactSet and others
  • Funds information by Morningstar, Lipper and others
  • Debt ratings from Moody’s Investors Service, S&P and others
  • Broker data from ICAP and others
  • Issuer information from more than 30 major investment banks
  • Fundamental data and corporate actions
  • Data from more than 30 contributors
  • Macro economic data from Global Insight
  • Weather feeds & maps for the commodities market

Access to data can be permissioned and billed on a user basis and according to usage, allowing clients to help control their costs.

The Market Data Gateway

At the foundation of Interactive Data’s financial information systems is the Market Data Gateway. This unique open market data platform allows harmonization of data from different content suppliers. It is designed to store, distribute, display and analyze the market information in a coherent data model.

By technologically separating content, functionality and layout, the Market Data Gateway is designed to be both fast and flexible. The platform can allow for rapid, cost-efficient implementation of various, client-specific applications. Through its PrimeDeveloper offering Interactive Data can also provide development organizations or third party software developers access to the data and functionality of the Market Data Gateway.