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Evaluation Services

Evaluation Methodologies

Interactive Data’s evaluation methodologies combine proven in-house modeling techniques, information from extensive market sources, and a team of evaluators who integrate observed transaction data, credit quality information, perceived market movements, news, and other relevant information into its evaluations. The Company’s objective is to detect and reflect market activity, which typically relates only to a fraction of the outstanding fixed income securities, and to extrapolate that information using its models and methodologies to the population of bonds for which market activity is not available.

Interactive Data’s core strength lies in its breadth of coverage, as well as its experience and ability to deliver the data through a number of channels. The Company has approximately 130 evaluators and analysts globally who support its fixed income evaluations. Their depth and breadth of experience enables Interactive Data to understand and to analyze the various characteristics of complex instruments.

Methodology Request

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Bid Information

Interactive Data routinely seeks to obtain market color, including bid information received by its fund clients, as part of its evaluation methodologies. To that end, the Company requests that clients forward bid information to the evaluation team. Verifiable information will be reflected in its evaluations to the extent that it is deemed formative of the Company’s good faith opinion as to what a buyer in the marketplace would pay for the security (typically in an institutional round lot position) in a current sale.

To submit bid information, please email the evaluation support group: evalsupport@interactivedata.com.