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Client Focus - Web-based Solutions

Retail Banks

Retail banks typically have to meet increasingly high standards when it comes to providing customer advice. Customers are becoming more discerning, competitive pressure is mounting, financial markets are growing more complex and legal regulations are increasing. Sound and efficient investment advice supported by state-of-the-art technologies can help retail banks to successfully differentiate themselves within the market.

Private Banks

Private banking organizations are currently faced with the challenge of combining high-quality wealth management and sound financial advice while more efficiently managing demanding customers. Increasingly, these institutions are also reaching out to new, affluent global markets to grow their businesses.

Online Brokers

On average, online brokers want to differentiate themselves in the market by providing easy-to-use Web applications that integrate a broad range of market data and proprietary investment information in easy-to-use Web applications. These comprehensive managed solutions offerings can provide a variety of investment possibilities and decision support tools to help attract and retain active trading customers.


While structured financial instruments have been increasing in popularity among investors, they can often be complex. As such, issuers of derivative financial instruments face the challenge of marketing their products effectively to different market members via their Websites. A range of institutions in Europe and America use managed solutions based on PrimePortal from Interactive Data for marketing structured products to retail customers.

Media Portals

Online financial information portals are typically focused on distinguishing themselves from their competition by developing a comprehensive set of information that can help attract and retain their visitors. These portals can also provide an opportunity to distribute an organization’s own editorial content and provide advertisers with an appealing platform to integrate advertisements.


Exchanges are faced with an increasingly competitive market environment. Various new trading facilities have launched and seem to be challenging the business model of the traditional trading venues. The quality and performance of the Websites of exchanges and alternative trading platforms can be key in attracting new customers and assisting in the marketing of their data products to banks and financial service providers, as well as directly to investors.