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BondEdge Solutions LLC

Insightful analytics providing the perspective to manage risk and identify investment opportunities

BondEdge Solutions provides high-quality risk analytics solutions designed to support clients’ efforts to mitigate investment risk, comply with regulatory mandates, and maximize returns to grow their business.

BondEdge Solutions delivers vital risk/reward analysis tools that empower clients to uncover hidden risk, test investment strategies, respond to various regulatory and rating agency requirements, and explain performance returns with ease.

BondEdge Solutions is dedicated to providing robust, insightful and useful fixed income analysis designed to deliver critical support to the investment decision and risk management process. Its analytics are backed by proprietary quantitative modeling techniques and rely on access to Interactive Data’s comprehensive terms and conditions security information.

BondEdge Solutions has decades of specialized experience with the ever-evolving fixed income markets. The Company's experienced quantitative Ph.D.s, fixed income market specialists, structured products reverse-engineers and bond index maintenance staff develop services designed to provide enterprise-wide, mission-critical portfolio risk analytics solutions for the institutional community.

Through its BondEdge software offering, which is available as an on-site software installation or through an OnDemand Software as a Service (SaaS) option, BondEdge Solutions provides clients with access to 400 global indices from multiple, major families. This, combined with custom scenario analysis, in-depth portfolio versus benchmark comparisons, performance attribution, and dynamic cash flow testing functionality are delivered through a powerful interface that can help save clients time and streamline their investment process.

BondEdge Solutions delivers: