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Customized Portals

Through its PrimePortal offerings, Interactive Data designs, builds and hosts Web-based financial information systems specifically tailored to content, design and workflow requirements of prospects, clients, partners and advisors in the financial services industry. These comprehensive, customized Internet and Intranet applications can help optimize the sales, advisory and investment processes by integrating internal data sources and supporting internal information distribution.

Financial information systems based on PrimePortal can include:

  • Financial market data, analytics and news delivered in real-time, delayed or end-of-day
  • Profiles, fact sheets, and fundamental data on instruments of various asset classes
  • Seamless integration of proprietary information
  • State-of-the-art tools for analyzing charts, screening financial instruments and tracking portfolios
  • Hosting of the application, customer care and support
  • Individual permissioning, entitlement and reporting
  • Support for international, multi-language deployment

Clients can select between a broad range of services and functionality bundled in suites, which can be assembled quickly and easily to form customized, managed solutions.

Suites consist of several asset-class specific capabilities which provide content and analysis, and which are designed to help investors make informed investment decisions.

  • Equities Suite for stocks, events, analyst recommendations from clients and other organizations, and IPOs
  • Funds Suite for the presentation and analysis of funds by various criteria
  • Derivatives (Retail) Suite for warrants, certificates and other structured products
  • Derivatives (Options & Futures) Suite for options and futures contracts
  • Fixed Income Suite for bonds, interest rates, ratings and yield calculations

Alerting provides a broad range of capabilities to set alerts for events, news, and other information in the financial markets.

Portfolio offers capabilities for portfolio management, including performance reporting and risk management. Advisors and investors can define, analyze and track mid- to long-term strategies and evaluate and test different scenarios. Built-in risk management tools can help clients determine which risks are worth taking and how they can be hedged. Portfolio is designed to help optimize asset management by combining portfolio and risk management functionalities.

Interactive Charts offers analysis of intra-day and end-of-day charts, including technical analysis, benchmarking and pattern recognition.