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Data Management

Financial institutions around the world rely on comprehensive management services, especially feeds data for internal operations and external communication. Through its unique open market data platform, the Market Data Gateway, Interactive Data has the ability to harmonize data from various content suppliers. This platform stores, distributes, displays and arranges the market information in a coherent data model.

Through its PrimeContent offering, Interactive Data provides a set of services that are designed to meet various data management challenges, such as the contribution and dissemination of data to other market members or the availability of data for historical data analysis.

One component of PrimeContent is Contribution Suite, a service for efficiently disseminating data feeds and datastreams and making them available for various services or applications from third parties or from within a financial information system provided by Interactive Data.

PrimeContent provides customers with tailored subscriptions to the delivery of files with reference data, analytical data and historical price data. Both file format and delivery mode can be customized to the customer’s requirements. It is also possible to harmonize formats of proprietary data via the Market Data Gateway.

The PrimeContent services include:

  • Contribution Suite
    A multi-contribution system for streaming data. Incoming data (i.e. feeds, ftp files, XML) can be imported automatically into Contribution Suite, processed into standardized formats and exported in various vendor protocols.

    Proprietary data that is to be integrated seamlessly into a PrimePortal, PrimeDeveloper or PrimeTerminal solution can also be imported via Contribution Suite. This allows for the creation of unique information systems with the possibility to manage and access external and internal data up to a single user level.

  • Price History Service
    Provides historical end-of-day prices for stocks and indices listed on major European, U.S. and Asian markets for up to five years. Files are placed via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) on to the client’s system and contain basic end-of-day price and reference data (date, open, close, high, low, volume, currency and ISIN, exchange and various identifiers)

  • Tick History Service
    Interactive Data's Tick History Service is designed to deliver historical intra-day stock market quotations, including bid and ask information, for traded securities from a wide range of venues. Interactive Data has retained the historical tick data from such venues since 1 November 2007. In addition, clients can filter the data by trading venue or security. The service is designed for use by compliance and risk managers at banks and regulatory authorities for backtesting, investment strategies, risk management of client investments (best execution), and market compliance testing.

  • Delivery of in-depth terms and conditions data for funds and retail derivatives
    This offering provides reference data as well as detailed terms and conditions data and analytics for approximately 20,000 mutual funds, which are listed in Germany and Austria, as well as for approximately 400,000 retail derivatives worldwide. The data can be delivered in various formats based on customers’ needs and definitions, including CSV files via FTP servers.

  • Statistics Service for derivatives and funds
    With PrimeContent Statistics Service, financial institutions can perform comprehensive analysis of the turnover data of securitized products and mutual funds, for the German market. The application enables customers, especially issuers of structured products and investment companies, to recognize market trends and provides them with a better foundation for their own future product design. This daily turnover data also facilitates the impact measurement of marketing campaigns, analysis of competitors and proof of success in the market.