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Developer Solutions

IT departments of financial services providers and media portals are challenged to constantly evolve their financial information systems to reflect the latest market developments and support sales strategies. They are expected to quickly release new, high-quality applications while reducing operational costs and infrastructure investments.

Interactive Data's developer solutions offering supports IT departments in building financial portals or applets for displaying and analyzing financial information. It offers access to a broad range of market data through various interfaces and is designed to enable IT staff to concentrate on its core competencies rather than tie up resources and costs in the development and operation of a technical platform for market data.


Interactive Data's comprehensive developer services package includes:

  • Access to a broad content range (market data, reference data, news) delivered in real-time, end-of-day or delayed, and analytical tools
  • A variety of application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • Historical data storage
  • Seamless integration of proprietary content (via the Contribution Suite)
  • Push / pull service
  • Coaching, consulting and feasibility analysis
  • Training courses on the market data platform and the APIs
  • Extensive documentation
  • Quick start manuals and standardized test interfaces
  • Entitlement, permissioning and reporting services for the applications
  • Optional hosting and monitoring of application servers

PrimeDeveloper delivers market information at a high level of abstraction in intelligent “objects”, which encapsulate business logic, such as searching, ranking and session handling. These “objects” are easy to use for developers, and, depending on the parameter setting, each object can produce different results within the application. As a result, the use of these “objects” can help make the creation of tailored solutions faster and easier. These “objects” are delivered via the Internet (VPN-Tunnel, leased line) so that existing databases of “objects” can easily be integrated.

Enterprise XML

Enterprise XML offers a quick and easy means for developing an application or website by delivering a broad range of market data.such as:

  • Access to global exchanges and instrument types (Quotes, Option Chains, News)
  • Historical data
  • Chart Imaging Service

Enterprise XML is used by a wide variety of leading financial services firms, corporations, exchanges and media outlets. It can provide complete Vendor-of-Record services and detailed client usage reporting for exchange purposes.

Web Toolkit and Market-Q Streaming Widgets

Interactive Data provides two services to facilitate front-end development by deploying widgets. These advanced, thin-client, dynamic streaming components can be fully integrated into a website or application, saving development time, as well as resources and bandwidth.

The widgets' modular or "componentized" set-up makes it easy to incorporate just one, a few or the entire suite. Symbol linking and drag-and-drop functionality across all the widgets allows for ease of use and efficiency. In addition, support for fully hosted or locally hosted persistence means that when a company’s end users launch their widgets, all the properties are saved exactly as they left them.

Web Toolkit widgets are from PrimePortal products and allow the user to configure up-to-date and fully customized financial applications. Web Toolkit offers a number of predefined front-end components and layouts, such as charts, watchlists, portfolio data, portfolio allocation, heatmaps, currency calculator and ratings. The spectrum of available modules is expandable and can be flexibly tailored to customer requirements.

Market-Q widgets are windows from the Market-Q product that can be individually placed on a company's website to display market data. A broad range of out-of-the-box, thin-client widgets are available, such as charts, detailed quotes, Forex, headline ticker, hot lists, news and watchlists. A secure single sign-on environment and Vendor-of-Record services are also available so that companies can focus on their business confident that their end users' information is safe and data use is properly accounted for with the exchanges.